Growing an international business requires more options, not less. Go.Borderlinx understands the demands faced by growing ecommerce retailers when expanding to international markets. To meet the demands of today’s retailers, Go.Borderlinx includes three global checkout processing options, each with its own set of benefits.

Exclusive benefits, include:

  • White-labeled Customer Experience (integrates or matches existing UX)
  • Retailer controls Order Data Workflow (same as domestic orders)
  • Retailer retains full control of order success and confirmation workflow.
  • Full support of retailer tracking tags


Included as standard, the Go.Borderlinx’s Non-Hosted solution provides retailers a hands-off approach to checkout and payment collection. Go.Borderlinx allows the retailer to retain full control in handling international customers checkout and payment.

Benefits of our Non-Hosted solution, include:

  • Retailer utilizes the PSP of their choice
  • Retailer controls their workflow and data
  • Retailer remains the Merchant of Record (MOR)

Hosted Payment

Available as an add-on, the Go.Borderlinx’s Hosted Payment solution provides retailers the ability to process international payments. Hosted Payment is unique as it only manages the international customers payment step. The solution is ideal for customers looking to leverage a robust international payment capture solution.

Benefits of our Hosted Payment solution, include:

  • Accept international and local payment methods
  • Supports over 8 core currencies
  • Provide market-leading international fraud protection
  • Name Go.Borderlinx as the Merchant of Record (MOR)

Hosted Checkout

Available as an add-on, the Go.Borderlinx’s Hosted Checkout solution provides retailers a complete plug & play solution for international customers. Hosted Checkout enables retailers to focus on their product and growth while Go.Borderlinx manages the intricacies of international checkout and payment processing.

Benefits of our Hosted Checkout solution, include:

  • Hosted Payment Solution included, PLUS:
  • Quick Integration (Plug & Play Solution) with simple redirect after cart
  • Full order multi-currency and multi-lingual support
  • Go.Borderlinx manages international address capture
  • Includes Shipping Price Rule Engine

Compare Options



Non Hosted Hosted Payment Hosted Checkout
Retailer Retains Full Control of Checkout & Payment process Borderlinx hosts retailers international payment step. Borderlinx hosts retailers international checkout process.
Level of Effort Small Medium Plug & Play
Cart & Checkout
Product Category Restriction Check Yes Yes At Checkout
Address Format Verification Check Yes Yes Yes
International Address Capture Retailer Retailer Borderlinx
Multi-Currency Support TCC Only TCC Only Full Order Details
Shipping Price Rule Engine - - Yes
International Shipping (Guaranteed) Yes Yes At Checkout
Duty & Tax (Guaranteed) Yes Yes At Checkout
Total Landed Cost (Guaranteed) Yes Yes At Checkout
International and Local Payment Methods Retailer PSP Yes Yes
Core Currency Support Retailer PSP 8+ 8+
Fraud Protection Retailer PSP Yes Yes
Payment Collection Retailer PSP Borderlinx Borderlinx
Payment Compliance Retailer PSP PCI-DSS Compliant PCI-DSS Compliant
Order Completion
Order Success Page Retailer Retailer Retailer
Order Email Confirmation Retailer Retailer Retailer
Data Collection
Ownership of Order Data Retailer Retailer Retailer
Order Data Workflow Same as Domestic Same as Domestic Same as Domestic
Support Retailer Tracking Tags Yes Yes Yes
Customs Liability
Merchant of Record Retailer Borderlinx Borderlinx
Seller of Record Retailer Retailer Retailer
Supported Ecosystem
Magento Yes Yes Yes
Shopify Yes TBA TBA
Demandware Yes Yes TBA
WooCommerce Yes - -
Prestashop Yes - -
IBM Sterling Yes N/A -
Custom Yes Yes -

Choosing the Best Fit

Our team has years of experience in cross-border eCommerce. We’ll work with you to determine which payment processing solution best aligns with your business goals. Complete the form below, and we’ll get back to you soon.

Borderlinx is excited to announce that we've joined Webinterpret. Our 2 technologies combined will deliver a truly wholesome international ecommerce solution. Please contact our Sales team for any questions. Read more here.
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