Growing an international business requires more options, not less. Borderlinx understands this like no other provider. That’s why we built a solution that empowers retailers to handle international customer payments on their terms.

Borderlinx includes two global payment processing options with the Go.Borderlinx® solution, each with its own set of benefits to support your business needs.

Non-Hosted Payments

With Go.Borderlinx® Non-Hosted Payment, Borderlinx takes a hands-off approach, allowing the retailer to retain full control in handling international customer payments. Our competitors do not offer this option, but we believe that if clients already have a preferred solution in place, they shouldn’t have to change it.

By choosing the Go.Borderlinx® Non-Hosted Payment option, you are able to:

  • Remain the Merchant of Record (MOR)
  • Utilize the fraud protection provider of your choice
  • Manage payment collection directly
  • Control your workflow and data

Hosted Payments

With Go.Borderlinx® Hosted Payment solution, Borderlinx takes care of processing international payments for the retailer. The services included in this option create a hassle-free experience for both you and your customers.

By choosing the Go.Borderlinx® Hosted Payment option, you can:

  • Name Borderlinx as the MOR
  • Accept over 100 major and local payment methods
  • Support over 100 different currencies
  • Provide market-leading international fraud protection

Benefits of Non-Hosted Payments

Perfect for retailers that prefer full control of their checkout process. The Go.Borderlinx® Non-Hosted Payment solution allows you to collect customer payment information directly and process payments through your existing provider.

Choosing the Best Fit

Our team has years of experience in cross-border eCommerce. We’ll work with you to determine which payment processing solution best aligns with your business goals. Complete the form below, and we’ll get back to you soon.