On-The-Fly Classification (OTFC)

Real-Time HS Code Classification Solution

New York – March 20, 2017 – Customs compliance is a major pain point for international retailers. A single shift or reclassification in HS codes can impact a retailer’s ability to clear customs or properly collect Total Landed Cost. OTFC ensures retailers are up to date and compliant, a task once unobtainable when manually processed.

Context-Based Algorithm

OTFC detects and classifies product catalogues in real-time. Retailers enjoy unprecedented accuracy, agility and scalability to HS code classification for both fixed or dynamic product catalogues. OTFC mitigates risk for sellers and buyers by utilizing a complex context-based algorithm that matches data points and language patterns to the correct HS classifications.

Seamlessly Assign HS Codes

The traditional process of manually classifying product catalogues is tedious and costly. Now with OTFC, retailers can seamlessly assign HS codes to new product catalogues and update existing catalogues in real-time. OTFC provides retailers peace of mind knowing their product categories are always up to date.

OTFC ensures retailers:

  • are legally allowed to ship products internationally.
  • can generate accurate customs documentation, ensuring products clear customs without delays.
  • can guarantee import taxes and duties are paid.

OTFC ensures customers:

  • can pay customs charges at checkout.
  • are free of financial surcharges or unexpected fees.
  • are provided timely delivery.

As a key differentiating feature of the Go.Borderlinx® cross-border solution, OTFC empowers retailers with a cost-effective and time-saving approach to reach untapped international markets.


About Borderlinx

Borderlinx, a global eCommerce solution provider, empowers retailers looking to reach new markets abroad by leveraging Go.Borderlinx®, a SaaS (software as a service). With a single integration, retailers can provide international shoppers with a guaranteed total landed cost and full compliance with local customs. This creates a seamless shopping experience that reduces cart abandonment and international returns while increasing repeat customers. Retailers can be confident when shipping cross-border with Borderlinx’s real-time customs compliance support and flexible fulfillment and logistics options. Learn more about how Borderlinx can take your online business global at go.borderlinx.com.

Borderlinx is excited to announce that we've joined Webinterpret. Our 2 technologies combined will deliver a truly wholesome international ecommerce solution. Please contact our Sales team for any questions. Read more here.
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