Solution: Hub-in-a-Box

Ship Directly to International Customers

Go.Borderlinx's Hub-in-a-Box (HiaB) solution manages every step in the global e-commerce process. Calculate customs duty and tax, generate customs documents and shipping labels, plus much more. When it comes to expanding your business to international customers, Go.Borderlinx's HiaB is your smart solution.

Your Checkout
Calculates duty & tax to provide customers a Total Landed Cost
Your Fulfillment
Generates customs papers and international shipping labels at your facility
Home Delivery
Ships directly to customers without hidden fees or surprises

How it works

Go.Borderlinx’s HiaB solution manages international orders by automating every step of the international e-commerce process, making you less restrictive, more profitable and just a little more unstoppable.

It completes your checkout

Go.Borderlinx's HiaB solution reduces cart abandonment by displaying customs duty and tax in your existing checkout, providing international customers their guaranteed total landed cost.

  • Display Customs Duty & Tax
  • Guarantee Total Landed Cost
  • Check Product Customs Restrictions
  • Verify International Address Format
It streamlines your fulfillment

Go.Borderlinx's HiaB solution reduces delivery time and cost by giving you the freedom to ship international orders directly to customers from your fulfillment facility. Eliminate extra processing steps by generating the required customs documents and shipping labels on site.

  • Carrier & Rate Integration
  • Screens for Denied Parties
  • Generates Customs Documents
  • Generates Shipping Labels & Manifest
It makes you more confident

Go.Borderlinx's HiaB solution allows you to scale faster by handling the challenges involved with customs, carriers and shipment tracking. Take your business to new markets without worrying about behind the scenes logistics.

  • Global Shipment Tracking
  • L2 & IT Support
  • Advanced Performance Dashboard

Customer Conversion

Calculate customs duty and tax at checkout


Cost Savings

Fewer processing steps and better global rate


Time Savings

Process on-site and ship directly to global customers


Customer Satisfaction

Quick delivery without hidden surprises or fees

Hub-in-a-Box Features

Total Landed Cost

Offer price transparency. Provide international customers their guaranteed total landed cost by calculating customs duty and tax at checkout.

Product Restriction Check

Prevent product delays at Customs. Alert customers when products are prohibited for shipping at checkout.

Address Format Verification

Mitigate delivery issues. Validate international addresses against their known format during checkout.

Carrier & Rate Integration

Integrate the international carriers of your choice. Use your existing relationship and rates, leverage Go.Borderlinx’s partnerships or mix the two for added flexibility.

Denied Party Screening

Screen against denied parties, organizations and countries before preparing customs documentation.

Customs Documents

Prep and print all required customs paperwork for international delivery.

Shipping Labels & Manifest

Prep and print shipping labels and carrier manifest documents for international carrier pickup.

Monitor & Support

Monitor shipments, receive IT & L2 support and measure your international performance.

Borderlinx is excited to announce that we've joined Webinterpret. Our 2 technologies combined will deliver a truly wholesome international ecommerce solution. Please contact our Sales team for any questions. Read more here.
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